Garden Boxes and Herb Boxes.

Any boxes could be made to fit and required size or shape.

All Boxes are made from tanalised wood to make them weather resistant and constructed with either ring shank nails or stainless steel pins or staples.


Boxes can be filled with specific herbs on request dependant on availability.


Herb Tower

Herb Towers are supplied with or without herbs.

When filled they will have 4 or 5 herb plants dependant on size, avalability season.

Filled  £15.00

Empty £9.00



Small Garden or Herb Box

These boxes can be supplied filled or empty.

When filled they have 6 or 7 Herb plants dependant on size, avalability and season.

Full Box       £20.00

Empty Box  £12.00




Large Garden Box

Large Garden boxes useful for those larger plants or just storage.

Boxes can be made to fit your requirements.

The ones imaged are about 18" wide X 14" High X 12" deep.

Empty £10.00.