Wood Turned bowls and other items.

Tea light.

Turned from cherry wood, this is an unusual piece because cherry is naturally darker.



Spalted cherry turned bowl. (SORRY SOLD)

This cherry bowl has the unique spalting.

Spalting colouration of  wood is caused by fungi, primarily found in dead trees, but spalting can also occur in living trees under stress.

 Approximately 5" in dimension.


Small Apple turned bowl.  SOLD


Approximately 4" in diameter.




Small bowl., not sure what the wood is , the jury is still out on this.


Approximately 4" in diameter.



Unusual Pear shaped vase.

(This is not our work)


The vase is approximately 4" in diameter and about 4" high.




Again not our work, and not sure what the main wood is but we belie the rings are mahogany.


Size is approximately 6" in diameter.



Tool Handles


Turned from Oak, these tool handles with copper ferrule, could be used to refurbish or replace existing handles on Chisels, Files or other hand tools.


Could be custom made to your requirements, I have made longer and thinner ones for specialist tools.



Light Pulls.


Turned from a variety of wood.

Many different shapes and sizes.

Could be made to fit a specific requirement.